Suppose we have to make the automatically generated PR types come from the LIRA-CAD module to the LIRA-FEM program; in these PR types, the reinforcement pattern is arranged in two layers.

Step-by-step guide for novice users of the LIRA-FEM software, which reveals the basics of finite element analysis. In this videoguide you will learn how to create and analyse the model of RC monolithic building in LIRA-SAPR.

For the first time designers can use the given real arrangement of reinforcement as for calculations of physical, geometrical and engineering nonlinearity, and for check of bearing capacity of sections of bar and plate elements according to operating normative documents.

LIRA-FEM program makes selection and check of the reinforcement according to reduced parameters of concrete and reinforcement during the specified time period when the fire load is applied.

In LIRA-SAPR 2018 it is possible to analyse the fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) rebars according to DSTU-H B V.2.6-185:2012. Analysis of reinforcement is carried out according to DBN V.2.6-98:2009.