For the first time designers can use the given real arrangement of reinforcement as for calculations of physical, geometrical and engineering nonlinearity, and for check of bearing capacity of sections of bar and plate elements according to operating normative documents.

Fig. 1.png

For this purpose, the possibility to set the arrangement of reinforcement inclusions in bar and plate elements on the whole analytical scheme is implemented. For the convenience of users, an intuitive toolkit has been developed. It allows you to quickly and comfortably set the placement of reinforcing bars of any complexity.

Fig. 2.png

Users are able to use several technological possibilities of forming and assigning a given reinforcement at once; visual control at all stages of creating, assigning and adjusting the types of a given reinforcement is provided.

!Fig. 3.png

After checking the bearing capacity of sections with a given reinforcement according to the standards, the user gets a result that equals the safety coefficient of the bearing capacity in each element of the slabs and in each section of the bars. As a result of check-ups, in elements with rigid reinforcement (steel-reinforced concrete) the safety coefficient for flexible (additional) reinforcement is issued. At the same time, the analysis of the results of the engineering and physical nonlinearity calculations did not change.

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