Step-by-step guide for novice users of the LIRA-FEM software, which reveals the basics of finite element analysis. In this videoguide you will learn how to create and analyse the model of RC monolithic building in LIRA-SAPR.

This video tutorial presents an algorithm of creating a RC frame, creating and assigning stiffnesses, materials; tools for creating and editing the scheme are reviewed. Creating walls.

In this video tutorial we continue to create and correct model. Also load applying, load cases are considered.

This video tutorial we continue to apply loads: snow load, earthquake load, Design combination of forces (DCF table). The algoritm of moduli of elastisity setting is considered.

In this video tutorial we continue to set the moduli of elastisity. Correction of foundation slab. Analysis of the model: FEM analysis, RC design. Analysing of results: displacements, selection of reinforcement. Report book.

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Александр Брянцев

Доктор PhD, ассоциированный профессор МОК

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