Master class from our chief engineer about possibilities of model creation in LIRA-FEM program. You will learn how to generate simple geometry in SAPFIR GENERATOR System. How to specify analytical properties on structural elements. How to assign loads. How to create wind load, snow mounds and earthquake load-cases. How to create a meshed model from BIM model and perform the analysis.


  • 00:00 Introduction;
  • 03:16 Creation of columns;
  • 08:06 Creation of walls; 
  • 11:15 Creation of surface; 
  • 14:30 Creation of slabs from surface; 
  • 21:30 Creation of universal bars along surface; 
  • 25:30 Materials for analysis; 
  • 29:30 Load-cases and loads; 
  • 37:25 Automatic generation of wind load; 
  • 40:30 Generation of loads from walls; 
  • 42:00 Creation of snow mounds and snow loads; 
  • 45:30 Generation of DCL table; 
  • 46:40 Assigning properties for foundation slab; 
  • 48:50 Creation of a meshed model; 
  • 55:00 Analysis of the model; 
  • 57:25 Evaluation of analysis results

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Александра Артамонова

Ведущий инженер технической поддержки компании «ЛИРА САПР».
Сопровождение программного комплекса САПФИР.

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