This is one of webinars series presented by LIRALAND for LIRA-FEM structural analysis software. In this recorded webinar, we review BIM integration on the base of IFC file from REVIT. Chapters:
00:00 Introduction
00:45 IFC export settings from REVIT;
03:25 Some peculiarities of generated IFC file;
06:30 IFC import to LIRA-FEM (SAPFIR pre-processor);
08:20 How to work with imported model - conversion tools;
12:30 Replacement of materials;
14:40 Metal cross-sections;
15:25 Generation of loads (loads on slabs, snow load, wind load, seismic load);
19:20 Link to SOIL model;
20:15 Meshed model generation and analysis of the model;
22:15 Results of analysis.

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Александра Артамонова

Ведущий инженер технической поддержки компании «ЛИРА САПР».
Сопровождение программного комплекса САПФИР.

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